Personal Info

Senior Software Engineer, PHP, Swift.

BIRTHDAY: May / 1979


RATE: from £310,- per day

Hello, I am
David Havl

Senior Software Engineer,
PHP, Swift,

I am a London based software developer with over a decade of experience in architecture and development of complex business level web applications.

Software Development

I specialize in development of complex business application with PHP, Zend Framework and complimentary technologies or Server Side Swift on the back-end side and mv* frameworks such as angular or vue on the front-end side.

Software Architecture

I am proficient in and I really enjoy architecturing high performance, scalable and secure applications that can withstand the test of time. From infrastructure planning, through detailed technology choices to a fine tuned business logic details.

Support and Consultations

Thanks to my extensive experience and expertise with large scale sites and applications I can provide full support or consultation services for your existing project as well as bug fixing or infrastructure enhancement work.

My Profile

Software Engineer, PHP, Swift, contractor/freelancer based in London, United Kingdom

With over a decade of experience in architecture and development of complex business level web applications.

Personal Details

Name : David Havl

Birthday : May, 1979

Address : London, United Kingdom

Email :

Rate : from £310/day

My Employment

Software Engineer – contractor/freelancer [ 2004 - present ]

Full time independent freelance web application developer, primarily utilising Swift, PHP and complimentary technologies (see list of my favorites in the rigth sidebar). Creating larger scale web applications for small to enterprise level businesses.

Desktop Software Engineer – contractor [ 2001 - 2004 ]

Desktop software developer utilising C++, C#, .NET, Winforms. Creating desktop applications for variety of business sectors.

My Awards

Freelancer of the year (2013) – Elance inc.

Winner of the "UK freelancer of the year in IT & Programming category" award by Elance inc.


Back-end Programming Skills

  • PHP
  • ZF1, ZF2, ZF3
  • Symfony 2, 3
  • Swift
  • RESTfull, APIs
  • MySql, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • Wordpress
Front-end Programming Skills

  • Javascript
  • Angular 1, 2
  • Vue.js, Aurelia.js
Graphic Skills

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Fireworks
Language Skills

  • English
  • Czech
  • Spanish
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My Portfolio

Some of my recent interesting projects

On majority of following projects I have worked as a lead engineer and architect.

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